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N-S Route connects DTŚ Route Bypass with the A4 motorway – phase I

Millions of tons of soil and aggregates and 2 thousand m³ of concrete and more than 200 tons of steel – these are the resources that were needed to build the latest route N-S section along with the viaduct. The project was a continuation of the road project which began in the financial perspective 2007-2013. Then from the Regional Operational Program of the Silesian Voivodship, we co-founded the first section of the route emerging in Ruda Śląska that ultimately will combine two of the most strategic roads in the region – the A4 motorway with the DTŚ Route Bypass. The goal will be achieved at the time of completion of the II phase of the project.        

Support of urban mobility in Siemianowice Śląskie

According to the data of Central Statistical Office for the year 2016, Siemianowice Śląskie was on the 18th place in terms of length of cycle paths, out of the nineteen cities in the communes of Silesian Voivodeship – with 2.2 km of cycling paths. This situation has significantly improved thanks to the implementation of the project, in the framework of which, 17 km of new bike trails were created, located by the key green areas and connecting the main districts of the city.

Nursing-educational facility in Waleńczów

So far the foster care tasks in Kłobuck region were implemented by only two 24-hour facilities, one of which (the orphanage in Kłobuck) exceeded the number defined in the act – by 14 spots for  pupils. After examining the needs and possibilities, it was decided to meet the requirements for the optimal number of places through the creation of new, smaller facilities. For this purpose, the building of the former School in Waleńczów was adapted, where soon up to 14 children will find their safe haven there.

Photovoltaic power plant dedicated to the wastewater treatment plant in Wojkowice

In March 2017, the agreement on the funding of the construction of ecological energy source for a wastewater treatment plant in Wojkowice was signed. The project will enable the improvement of the energy efficiency of the Municipal Economy Plant in Wojkowice by reducing the cost of energy purchase. A new source of renewable energy production will emerge there, together with the transmission infrastructure that will affect the overall reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and PM10.

Bus square in Czechowice-Dziedzice

The bus station in Czechowice-Dziedzice has required a thorough remodelling for a long time. As a visiting card of the city, the first place visible for the visitors after leaving the bus, the square deterred with its archaic, damaged appearance. The plate of the station was covered by old, concrete paving blocks – severely damaged in numerous places – unfortunately, the expected cost of the renovation was too high for the city budget, as well as also the whole underground infrastructure, especially gas networks and waterworks would require replacement. Thanks to the support from the European Funds it was managed to perform restoration works, which not only improved the overall visual effect of the square but also increased the level of pedestrian safety.

Virtual monuments of Ruda Śląska

Ruda Śląska has set itself a target of promoting and sharing its historical monuments and buildings for the largest possible audience. It was achieved thanks to the implementation of the project co-funded by the EU. The Internet website "Wirtualna Ruda" is a place where the base of historic objects from all over the city is fitted (along with their specifications). Among them, you will find the objects that have been entirely scanned and their 3D models can be visited online.

Tackling low emissions by the installation of solar collectors and photovoltaic links in Kalety, the forest corner of Silesia

Kalety is a small town combining urban innovation with rural naturalness. The municipality relies primarily on ecology, creating a bee-friendly space, maintaining green areas and numerous bike trails and building the tourist brand. However, it often meets its goals through the use of modern means. Thanks to EU support, Kalety were able to realize one of the biggest projects based on renewable energy sources in our voivodship. As a result, the roofs of numerous buildings were covered in solar panels and photovoltaic cells, significantly contributing to the reduction of emissions of harmful gases and dust, thus contributing to the protection of the environment and of human life, affirming that Kalety indeed deserve their title – the Forest corner of Silesia.

Modern 5-branch kindergarten in the municipality of Żory

One of the priority objectives of the governors of Żory town is to provide the best conditions for the development of its youngest residents. Hence, there is an increased level of investment in modern and well-equipped kindergartens and schools. One of the most important events in this regard was the opening of the new headquarters of Kindergarten no. 4 – modern and one-storey building, distinguished by the so-called "green roof", enabling outdoor activities.

Daycare spots as an alternative form of provision of care for children under 3 years of age in Rybnik

The projects include actions targeted at equalization of professional and social chances of parents of children up to 3-years-old in the scope of possibility to return to the labour market through establishment and maintenance of 4 spots of daycare in the city. Each of the newly opened spots assumes care of four children aged up to 3 years. The total number of new children covered by the service of daycare guardian in Rybnik has within 12 months amounted to16 children whose parents, due to lack of ability to provide care for children, have limited opportunities to return to the labour market and the development of the professional aspirations.

Energy from renewable energy sources in Łodygowice

The project will allow to obtain savings on account of purchase and delivery of electricity in line with the principles of sustainable development and natural heritage. The project will enable generating electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) in order to cover the needs of maintaining objects which are the property of Eco Team Service-communal partnership with 100% share in the commune of Łodygowice.

Bypass of Pawłowice

Pawłowice is a small municipality in the southern part of the voivodeship which lies on the communication link connecting Katowice and Wisła. Road investments are thus a substantial element within the municipality's development, contributing to the improvement of quality of communication and decreasing the intensity of traffic within the territory of the municipality. Such an investment has been planned for Pawłowice in the form of a bypass connecting the voivodeship roads no. 938 and 933 with national road 81.

Virtual Museum – Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów

In order to increase attractiveness of the presentation, in particular through targeting the younger recipients, the Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” introduced to its offer a new mobile application using virtual reality and the so called expanded reality. For the purposes of the project combining tradition with modernity the Museum digitalized and made available online almost 400 documents concerning the Silesian cultural heritage.

22 Electric Buses for Jaworzno

22 electric buses were picked up and put into permanent use in the city of Jaworzno. Full technical facilities along with infrastructure ensuring charging of vehicle batteries have been provided. The central bus charging and maintenance station is the first facility of this type in Poland.

Social Services Center in Sosnowiec

As part of the project, we managed to adapt and develop the old school block. A comprehensive center was created - a center of social services. A Day-Care Center, a psychological support center, an environmental care center and rehabilitation center are located in the part adapted to the public's disposal. The Day-Care center is open for the people dependent due to their old age, disabilities, who need care support because of lack of their family or temporary absence of their family. 15 people can benefit a short-term care (up to 3-4 months) of the center at the same time.

Modernization of street lights in Ruda Śląska – Stage I & II

The subject of the project was modernization of street lighting system in Ruda Śląska, based on the application of energy-saving LED lights, in the following locations: Lwa Tołstoja, Kościelna, Żelazna, Konstytucji, Ustronna streets (Stage I) and Piotra Niedurnego, Weteranów, gen. Hallera, Obrońców Westerplatte streets (Stage II). In accordance with the binding standards, modernization of the existing over 150 sodium lamps and purchase of new poles and lighting points in the area of selected streets in Ruda Śląska, creating through this the network of modern lighting points in LED technology. Through the assembly of energy effective street lights not only will the energy-efficiency of the public sector be increased and the demand for energy within the area of the city of Ruda Śląska, but also safety of the vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be reinforced.

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