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Modern 5-branch kindergarten in the municipality of Żory

One of the priority objectives of the governors of Żory town is to provide the best conditions for the development of its youngest residents. Hence, there is an increased level of investment in modern and well-equipped kindergartens and schools. One of the most important events in this regard was the opening of the new headquarters of Kindergarten no. 4 – modern and one-storey building, distinguished by the so-called "green roof", enabling outdoor activities.

Project title
Increasing the availability of pre-school institutions by building a kindergarten in Kleszczówka District in Żory

The municipality of Żory

Priority axis/ Measure/ Sub-measure
Priority axis: XII. Educational infrastructure
Measure: 12.2. Pre-school Infrastructure
Sub-measure: 12.1.2. Pre-school Infrastructure – RIT

Project value: PLN 5,237,300.64
EU grant value: PLN 2,440,809.34

Why was the project undertaken?

The municipality of Żory has conducted an analysis of demographic situation and the number of birth projections in the period 2012-2014, which clearly indicated a clear upward trend (with regards the number of births) in this period. In addition, the need to increase the number of places in pre-school establishments of Żory was indicated by the growing number of children who, despite submitting applications for admittance, failed to be accepted to the public kindergarten, due to lack of places and as a consequence of that, they were placed on the reserve lists. In 2011, Żory was the youngest of the cities within the province of Silesia (the highest proportion of people in the pre-working age – 19.1% of the population) and the city with the highest rate of natural increase (5.17).

What has been achieved?

The town succeeded in building a modern 5-branch kindergarten, in which 125 children spend time actively. A new kindergarten is a single-storey building, distinguished by its unusual architecture; the design of the building has rounded walls, a unique façade and a "green roof" or terrace where outdoor activities are planned to taking place. The building was also adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

At the same time, municipality of Żory launched implementation of the complementary project named: "The high-profile kindergarten – increase of access to high-quality pre-school education in the city of Żory", the project which is planned to create 25 places of pre-school education for children aged 3 and 4 years in a newly built preschool building in Kleszczówka district in Żory.

Who uses/benefits from the effects of the project?

The children attending the new kindergarten (125) and their parents and teachers have benefited directly from the implementation of the project. New infrastructure that enables to create additional places in the kindergarten has allowed for the return to the labour market of women exercising custody of young children. The entrepreneurs of Żory (more willing people to work), as well as residents who have obtained a beautiful property within their district, have benefited indirectly from the project.

What are the main benefits of the project?

The increase of access to pre-primary education by creating new places in kindergartens. Creation of comfortable conditions for the conduct of pre-primary education.

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