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Ruda Śląska has set itself a target of promoting and sharing its historical monuments and buildings for the largest possible audience. It was achieved thanks to the implementation of the project co-funded by the EU. The Internet website "Wirtualna Ruda" is a place where the base of historic objects from all over the city is fitted (along with their specifications). Among them, you will find the objects that have been entirely scanned and their 3D models can be visited online.

Project title
Virtual monuments of Ruda Śląska

The city of Ruda Śląska

Priority axis/ Measure/ Sub-measure
Priority axis: II. Digital Silesian Voivodship
Measure: 2.1. Support for the development of digital public services
Sub-measure: none

Project value: PLN 266,198.45
EU grant value: PLN 224,937.69

Why was the project undertaken?

The implementation of the project was aimed at popularizing the architecture of Ruda Śląska. With this 3D scans, it is possible to visit the virtual objects and access places normally not accessible for tourists. It also gives the possibility to execute precise measurements of the designated properties – thanks to them it will be possible to perform their inventory. The project also has educational value – short films derived for its needs depict the stories of individual objects.

What has been achieved?

9 of 11 of the objects covered by the project have been successfully digitized by the method of the 3D laser scanning. The project covered 10 historic churches and the Big Furnace "A" of Pokój Smelter. For each object, the so-called "point cloud" was obtained which created a colourful, three-dimensional model of the scanned object that will be made available to visiting online (virtual tour). For each of the monument, there was also made a video presenting the object.

In addition to the visual qualities and capabilities of the virtual visiting of the object, the scanning documents very carefully the state of preservation of the object, allowing to detect damages, slopes and to measure all scanned building elements to develop a full documentation of the architectural-construction documentation of the object.

The results of the work are shown on the website, where you can find a 3D model, virtual tour, and short educational videos about each of the monuments.

Who uses/benefits from the effects of the project?

The design was not intended for a narrow, defined group, but rather for a wide audience. So far the website has been visited by more than 8,000 users.

What are the main benefits of the project?

  • popularization of monuments of Ruda Śląska,
  • inventory of historic buildings,
  • developing local identity based on cultural heritage.

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