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Due to the specific spatial nature of Rybnik (relatively large area of green areas, many rural districts), Rybnik volunteer fire departments (VFD) play an above-standard role in ensuring security in the city. The city's local authorities, as units responsible for financing the operations of the VFD, support their activities annually by financing purchases of equipment increasing the speed and effectiveness of interventions. These are purchases of new fire trucks and other equipment used in the activities of the fire brigade. The VFD Gotartowice also benefited from this type of support, due to which the unit met the requirements of the National Rescue and Fire-Fighting System.

Project title
Adaptation of the VFD Gotartowice in Rybnik (volunteer fire department) to the requirements of National Rescue and Fire-Fighting System units

Rybnik  city with district rights

Priority axis/ Measure/ Sub-measure
Priority axis: V. Environmental protection and efficient use of resources
Measure: 5.5. Strengthening the potential of emergency services
Sub-measure: none

Project value: PLN 880,841.13
EU grant value: PLN 171,272.77

Why was the project undertaken?

The purchase of the necessary equipment was to enable the inclusion of the volunteer fire department (VFD) Rybnik-Gotartowice in the structure of the National Rescue and Fire-Fighting System. Pursuant to the provisions, VFDs may belong to the National Rescue and Fire-Fighting System if they have:

  1. at least one medium or heavy rescue and firefighting vehicle,
  2. at least 12 trained rescuers,
  3. effective communication system for notification and alarming,
  4. communication devices in the radio network of the system for the purpose of rescue operations,
  5. qualified first aid kit,
  6. at least 4 respiratory protection devices,
  7. hydraulic kit.

The VFD Rybnik-Gotartowice met the requirements set out in point 2-6 and partly in points 1. The unit had a medium and heavy rescue and firefighting vehicle; however, they were 34 and 30 years old respectively, and the high failure rate connected with the age of vehicles was associated with the need to incur significant expenses for repairs. The VFD Rybnik-Gotartowice did not meet the requirements for the National Rescue and Fire-Fighting System units as regards point 7 (no hydraulic kit). Therefore, a decision was made to implement the project in the scope of replacing the medium rescue and fire-fighting vehicle with a new one and purchasing the missing hydraulic kit.

What has been achieved?

As part of the project, it was possible to purchase:

  1. Medium rescue and firefighting vehicle that replaced a worn-out 34-year-old vehicle,
  2. Hydraulic kit.

Who uses/benefits from the effects of the project?

The unit of the Volunteer Fire Department in Rybnik-Gotartowice, which was lent the equipment purchased by the city. In the long run, however, these will be the inhabitants of Rybnik that will benefit the most from the project implementation.

What are the main benefits of the project?

The main benefits of the project include:

  • improvement of the VFD equipment,
  • rejuvenation of the VFD fire trucks fleet,
  • professionalization of the VFD,
  • improvement of the safety of residents,
  • improvement of the working conditions of firefighters,
  • improvement of the safety of firefighters,
  • integration of the local community,
  • raising the role and significance of the VFD among the society,
  • encouragement to serve in the VFD,
  • care for the environment.

In the long term, the project will permanently contribute to improving safety and other aspects important for the local community.

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