Taking the new road to the airport

Perhaps the largest part of EU aid is allocated to the costly development of communications infrastructure. New stretches of roads are the subject of news stories, public debates and exciting discussions. This is the news that drivers and passengers alike are impatiently waiting for. The new section of provincial road further integrates Pyrzowice airport with the region.

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Lesław Dworzyński
Project Manager at the Regional Roads Authority in Katowice

The section of provincial road No. 913, which we modernized thanks to EU support, is an important section connecting Pyrzowice airport with investment areas and the main transport routes running through the northern part of the province ¬– the A1 and S1 highways. Until now, the technical condition of the road has left much to be desired. This was caused by intensive traffic of heavy vehicles, for which the road was simply not suitable. In addition, there was a lack of infrastructure to allow safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists. Another problem was noise, particularly troublesome for residents of nearby houses.

The reconstruction involved the complete demolition of the existing road structure and construction of a new one. The route has gained a safer-profile surface with a standardized width of seven meters, which is suitable for vehicles with an axle load of 11.5 tons. We have used the latest highly modified asphalt technology, which not only ensures superior roadway durability, but also reduces traffic noise. We made the street's horizontal markings from heavy-duty, prefabricated tapes with built-in reinforcing mesh. We have also developed new sidewalks, pedestrian and bicycle paths and shoulders, which significantly improve pedestrian safety. We also built bus bays. Additionally, we rebuilt culverts and animal crossings, added new storm sewers as well as water supply and gas systems. We also upgraded street lighting.

During the construction works, we encountered some difficulties not foreseen at the stage of project design. These were mainly difficult ground conditions, which required additional work to stabilize the pavement. This was important for the sustainability of the road, which will eventually be loaded with heavy vehicle traffic. We also encountered unexploded ordnances, which temporarily interrupted our work and required calling in a specialized sapper unit to secure the munitions. We started the work in the summer of 2019 and completed it in October 2021.

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It’s safe to say that I know the road No. 913 like the back of my hand. I was tired of the old route, and today I can finally enjoy the new one. I work at Pyrzowice International Airport as an independent passenger service agent. I live in Siemonia, a small town near the airport. This route, therefore, is part of my daily commute.

What was it like here before? Uneven. With a lot of bumps and cracks. And the lack of sidewalks or bicycle lanes along long stretches of roadway made this section dangerous. In addition, the former road was narrow. Passing trucks or buses required great skill on the part of drivers. Sometimes, they ended up with damaged bodywork and caused even more serious incidents. The defects in the road were patched from time to time on an ad hoc basis, but such temporary solutions worked for a while, because just a few weeks later the holes would reappear in the same or other places. I myself witnessed a dangerous-looking accident. The driver of the passenger car didn’t notice the warning about the repairs. He ran into a bump and rolled over. Luckily, it ended only with damage to the car, and none of the travelers were injured.

Thanks to EU funding, the route has changed almost beyond recognition. I finally feel that I live in Europe. I drive to work with pleasure, because now it is much safer and more comfortable. The roadway has been widened, so passing opposite cars is no longer a challenge. I don’t always drive, so I also appreciate the pedestrian and bicycle path that has been built along the entire stretch.

It would still be a good idea to upgrade the intersection of the provincial road and National Road 78 using a viaduct for this purpose to make it easier to enter the traffic (flow) and drive towards the airport. The current system has its drawbacks; turns sometimes collide, which results in occasional bumps. I am an optimist by nature and hope that in time all our roads, even the local ones, will be repaired and safe.

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Reconstruction of provincial road No. 913, stage II section from the intersection with DK 78 in Celiny to the intersection with DK 86

Beneficiary: Silesia Voivodeship
Project value: approx. 120 million PLN
RPO SV co-financing: approx. 95 million PLN
Implementation period: August 2019 - October 2021