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“I’m not going to teach you multiplication tables, or grammar, or calligraphy, or any of those sciences that are usually taught in schools. I’m just going to open your heads and pour oil in them” , Pan Kleks aka Professor Inkblot used to say to his students. The academy of this famous professor known from the Polish novel by Jan Brzechwa “Akademia Pana Kleksa” (Professor Inkblot’s Academy) has been recreated in the form of a modern center combining learning and fun and located in the Porcelain Factory in Katowice. It is called “Bajka Pana Kleksa” and it offers attractions for the whole family, especially for children aged 5-12.

The photograph shows a woman with her black hair pinned up and her hands folded. She is wearing a jacket with a floral pattern.

Sylwia Basista
PR Manager at “Bajka Pana Kleksa”

The center is the only place in Poland, where through the combination of fantasy and science we try to inspire the children to discover the world around them. It covers more than a thousand square meters of interactive exhibition, includes eight themed zones and guarantees a great fun for the whole family. Instead of traditional methods of education, we show kids new opportunities for creative play and creative experimentation. As Professor Inkblot used to say: school doesn’t have to be boring! And we fully agree with this.

The facility launched in December 2019 at the former Porcelain Factory in Katowice, Poland. Unfortunately, just three months after its lavish opening, it was closed due to the pandemic. It took us quite a long time to figure out how we could use our potential. The only solution was to move activities to the virtual world and reach for new audiences. With the support of European Funds, we have created a multifunctional, proprietary and interactive platform, using virtual and augmented reality techniques and 3D graphics.

Virtual academy called “Zagraj z Kleksem” (Come and play with Professor Inkblot) is a completely innovative offer for the youngest. It allows for the transfer of all possible interactions and stimuli from the real world to the virtual world. In the course of the game, users, with the help of their avatars, traverse six worlds known from the novel. They meet to help Professor Inkblot find the Magic Buttons and Crystals of Knowledge, siphoned out of the famous professor’s Secrets by the mischievous Bebok. The live connection, the animator’s narrative manner and activities allow participants to communicate with each other. The moderators and the guides are Professor Inkblot or Queen Aba themselves. All elements have their educational value and so, for example, the knowledge crystals teach about plants, animals or scientific and historical interesting facts. Learning through play – that’s what we like best here!

The ability to edit the content of the virtual tale makes a visit to this unique world more than a one-time adventure. It’s a space where the youngest can regularly meet with their peers. Our center won the title of the “Best Tourist Product 2021" last year, awarded by the Polish Tourism Organization.

The photo presents a young man with short hair wearing a light-colored shirt. He is smiling. He is standing by the closet, leaning against one of the open drawers.

Before I became a teacher, I had been a coach of young children in the club “Ruch” in Chorzów. I enjoyed working with kids and didn’t want to limit my activities to physical education classes only, so over time I earned my pedagogical credentials. Today, I work at the Best Start Academy, International Elementary School in Tarnowskie Góry. The facility uses interesting educational and teaching methods. We focus on activity, self-discovery, and learning through play. Our classes very often take a different form than traditional public school learning. Hence, our visit at “Bajka Pana Kleksa”. I expected the visit would be great fun for the kids but I didn’t expect it would be so inspiring to me.

The Center’s main advantage is its versatility. Each child will find something interesting here. The creators have prepared a power of attractions – funny activities for the younger ones fun and exciting workshops and experiments for the older. They will find puzzles, experiments and riddles in every corner.

The facility is complemented by its virtual version, which my students found easy navigating. Remote classes during pandemic proved useful. Learning through smart play is something kids really enjoy. In addition, there is one more important didactic and educational aspect. Taking on new challenges teaches children dexterity, cunning, develops imagination, determination and generally empowers them. Even if it happens in a virtual world on a computer screen because it makes it possible for children to communicate with each other and make decisions together while playing.

“Bajka Pana Kleksa” in both its versions is a worthwhile initiative. It’s a fun activity that is based on the formation of skills which will allow students to function better in their peer group and, ultimately in their communities. I think we will have beautiful memories from our trip to “Bajka Pana Kleksa”, and we will be definitely coming back there virtually.

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An interactive virtual “Bajka Pana Kleksa”

Beneficiary: Planet Jublama Sp. z o.o.
Project value: approx. 1.1 million PLN
ROP SV subsidy: approx. 790 thousand PLN
Implementation period: July 2017- June 2021