Technologies of the future in power generation

The world of new technologies needs not only visionaries and enthusiasts, but also capital for research and development. With innovation, our life can be better, more comfortable and safer. PREVAC company from Rogowo is adding its share to cutting-edge energy solutions and bringing to market equipment that improves the efficiency of new energy sources.

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Sylwia Gatnar
Managing Director PREVAC Ltd.

The world’s population is growing along with the demand for electricity. The world increasingly needs new energy technologies. This is one of the challenges we face nowadays. According to forecasts, we will consume up to three times as much energy in 2050 as we did at the beginning of this decade, and since the demand is outstripping the supply, we need to rush to introduce new technologies. Our company has been working for years on innovative products for science and industry to build a new and better world. With EU support, we decided to develop and market scientific and research equipment that enables the development of high-tech materials to increase the efficiency and productivity of new energy sources.

The innovation of the project lies in the unique configuration of components used to construct and manufacture a standalone station for applying thin films of energy converters. These are expected to help achieve efficiency gains and cost reductions in the production of photovoltaic cells.

Our solution will help in the development of technologically advanced materials to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of photovoltaic cells, thin-film solar cells, and cells based on the use of nanowires or quantum dots. The results of the research we will conduct with the support of the new equipment will also serve to create materials used in the construction of energy storage systems. And this will have a positive impact on the solutions for reducing high costs and short battery life of electric vehicles and consumer electronics.

There is currently no solution on the market with such a unique configuration as ours. The product will go on sale in Poland and abroad. It has already attracted wide attention not only of the European Union countries and the United States, but also Asian states, particularly South Korea and Japan. The implementation of the project has enabled us to maintain our current high position on the domestic and global markets and further develop our export operations.

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I have been an avid electronics engineer for years, building all sorts of electronic circuits. Even in my school days I was interested in engineering issues. That’s why I first chose the electronics technical school, and then the Department of Automation and Robotics at the Technical University. I have been working for PREVAC for more than a decade, initially as an electronics technician in the assembly department. Later, I was reassigned to electrical construction department. For the past six years, I have been working in the department of development, implementation and electronics. We are involved in concept development, mechanical and electronic design of our products, followed by testing processes, optimization and product release.

It is exciting to work on building a device to optimize the production of photovoltaic cells, which are becoming increasingly common in our households. At the concept stage, together with my team I defined process assumptions that were strictly geared toward a model of automatic operation of the device with minimal operator intervention and operation under stable, restrictive environmental conditions. Today, when remote working standards are becoming the norm, the ability to control and monitor the entire equipment from any place in the world is becoming a huge advantage. This makes us one the leaders when it comes to solutions available on the market. Innovative features of our product also include the possibility of laser heating of substrates, as well as the modular design, which allows the equipment to be integrated into larger research clusters.

The development of such an innovative solution as an autonomous station for applying thin films of energy converters and its implementation into production puts us a few steps ahead of the competition. It also allows for a higher degree of product customization, which in turn translates into higher precision and accuracy of solutions targeted to specific research units. In addition, thanks to innovative technologies, we are able to tap new sales markets that were previously inaccessible.

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Autonomous workstation to for applying thin films of energy converters

Beneficiary: PREVAC sp. z o.o.
Project value: approx. 8 million PLN
RPO SV co-financing: approx. 5.1 million PLN
Implementation period: July 2019 - October 2021