A Rozbark you didn’t know

This is where the famous Baroque composer Gerwazy Gorczycki was born. Here, thanks to The Bytom Dance and Movement Theatre, the heart of the Polish dance scene has been beating for years. Finally, it is the place where the food is ordained in traditional Silesian costumes, known all over Poland. Rozbark is a unique district of Bytom, which thanks to the changes is becoming a space more and more friendly to residents of all ages.

The photo shows Mariusz Wołosz, the Mayor of Bytom. A middle-aged man is wearing a suit and a tie. He is standing against a walking path. The photo was taken by Maciej Motylewski.


Before World War II, Rozbark was an elegant bourgeois district of industrial, commercial and service character. After 1945, it began to gradually lose this character. However, to this day it has remained an interesting space with a unique urban layout and great social potential. Although the historic Rozbark, known for its diversity, is well connected to the city, for many years it was a forgotten part of it. We wanted to change that. The opportunity came when the city received EU money under the Strategic Intervention Area Initiative.

Residents, representatives of non-governmental organizations, municipal institutions and entrepreneurs took part in the works on the development of the district. Citizens of Bytom took part in workshops, walking surveys and debates, during which they pointed to proven solutions and good practices that are worth introducing in order to make the district life better.

The investment was divided into three stages: construction of the promenade with lighting, demolition of buildings threatening the safety of residents and land development. St. Barbara’s Square, which has always been the heart of the district, got totally new functions Residents wanted it to be transformed into marketplace with an open-air stage and a playground for children. And that's what happened. There is also an open-air gym and several playgrounds. Skaters and scooter riders can make use of a skate park where ramps and rails are waiting for them.

At the request of the residents a multi-purpose playground, a gym for parkour training and a wooden gazebo with a table and benches were built at the Szynol Square. The promenade running through the district has been illuminated and will be monitored in the future. Along the promenade there are commemorative plaques depicting the most important events in Rozbark's history. The participation of the local community in the works on restoring the district to its former glory was one of the most important elements of the project. Without them, the changes wouldn't be so spectacular.

The photograph presents Father Krzysztof Karkoszka, parish priest of St. John Church in Rozbark, Bytom. The priest is a middle-aged man. He is wearing a cassock and glasses and you can see grain fields behind him. The photo was taken by Maciej Motylewski.


One needs to admit that Rozbark was neglected for years. The accumulation of social problems affected the youngest. Children and young people from poorer backgrounds often did not receive sufficient care, not to mention the fact that not their basic needs were not satisfied. These kids had a hard time finding themselves in a peer group. And so they rebelled, ran away from problems, reached for drugs and became violent.

Our parish for years has been helping the youngest inhabitants of Rozbark at risk of social exclusion. We organize compensatory and after-school activities. The community day room is a natural addition to the help we offer. We focus on supporting families in the process of bringing up and preparing children and young people for independent living and shaping proper social attitudes. Our main task is to motivate the pupils and encourage them to acquire knowledge, develop individual passions and interests. We also try to improve their relationships with peers and parents.

The youngest kids can count on the support of tutors who help them with their homework or catching up with school program. We also have art and theatre classes, workshops on entrepreneurship and social skills. Children are provided with psychological and pedagogical care. Therapeutic measures are aimed at eliminating and reducing behavioral disorders. We also organize cyclical cultural trips to the cinema, opera or theatre. But our project does not involve stationary activities only. We work hard to help all people from the neighborhood. We provide integrated family counselling and conscious parenting assistance. We also employ assistants for people with disabilities, who are also participants in the project.

The list of problems of some of the citizens of Rozbark is very long. That's why I'm glad that with the commitment of our employees and volunteers we can eliminate and mitigate them every day, shaping and educating future generations.

The photograph presents Marlena Sosnowska, a teenage participant of the day care center. The girl is wearing a denim jacket and she is sitting in a pipe, which is a part of the playground. She’s smiling. The photo was taken by Dominik Wójcik.


Bytom is a really nice city, with an interesting history that I have the opportunity to learn at school. I've also learned a lot about Rozbark, where I live. I like our neighborhood, which is changing more and more. It's not neglected like it used to be. We have a small market with a fountain here, a nice skatepark for riding skates, skateboards or scooters, and playgrounds.

I met some new friends in the "Rozbark dla Młodych" day care center at St. Jack Parish. I decided to come here because I wanted to learn something new. At school, I like chemistry and art most, besides I am interested in art, theatre and singing. I thought I could develop these interests in the day care center. And that’s what I actually do there. The teachers help us with our homework and explain everything that we found difficult at school. But mostly I like interesting activities, and there are a lot of them here! I take flute and guitar lessons. I always try to be at these classes because they make me happy. Rhythm and piano lessons are also nice. We get to know the notes and try to play, and recently we even composed songs!

Apart from music classes, I like German and English lessons. Both language teachers are great. Twice a week we have theatre workshops, where we prepare plays and sketches. At the end of each month, we present them at meetings attended by our parents.

If anyone would like to join us, I say right away that there is no time for boredom here. Something interesting happens almost every day. Interesting guests visit us - policemen, firefighters, who tell us about their work and also draw our attention to how to stay safe. I like trips as well. We always go to new, attractive places. The atmosphere is nice here and I always look forward to our next sessions.

Say it the Silesian way

ruzbana – slide

rolszuły – skates

familok – multifamily house



"Creating nice and safe spaces for the citizens of Rozbark"

Beneficiary: City of Bytom
Project amount: ca. PLN 11.2 million
ROP SV subsidy: ca. 9.5 million
Implementation period: 05.2017 – 07.2019


"Day Care Center - Rozbark for the Young"

Beneficiary: St. Peter's Roman Catholic Parish
Project amount: ca. PLN 2.4 million
ROP SV subsidy: ca. 2.1 million
Implementation period: 07.2018 – 12.2020