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Energy from renewable energy sources in Łodygowice

The project will allow to obtain savings on account of purchase and delivery of electricity in line with the principles of sustainable development and natural heritage. The project will enable generating electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) in order to cover the needs of maintaining objects which are the property of Eco Team Service-communal partnership with 100% share in the commune of Łodygowice.

Bypass of Pawłowice

Pawłowice is a small municipality in the southern part of the voivodeship which lies on the communication link connecting Katowice and Wisła. Road investments are thus a substantial element within the municipality's development, contributing to the improvement of quality of communication and decreasing the intensity of traffic within the territory of the municipality. Such an investment has been planned for Pawłowice in the form of a bypass connecting the voivodeship roads no. 938 and 933 with national road 81.

Virtual Museum – Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów

In order to increase attractiveness of the presentation, in particular through targeting the younger recipients, the Museum “Upper Silesian Ethnographic Park in Chorzów” introduced to its offer a new mobile application using virtual reality and the so called expanded reality. For the purposes of the project combining tradition with modernity the Museum digitalized and made available online almost 400 documents concerning the Silesian cultural heritage.

22 Electric Buses for Jaworzno

22 electric buses were picked up and put into permanent use in the city of Jaworzno. Full technical facilities along with infrastructure ensuring charging of vehicle batteries have been provided. The central bus charging and maintenance station is the first facility of this type in Poland.

Social Services Center in Sosnowiec

As part of the project, we managed to adapt and develop the old school block. A comprehensive center was created - a center of social services. A Day-Care Center, a psychological support center, an environmental care center and rehabilitation center are located in the part adapted to the public's disposal. The Day-Care center is open for the people dependent due to their old age, disabilities, who need care support because of lack of their family or temporary absence of their family. 15 people can benefit a short-term care (up to 3-4 months) of the center at the same time.

Modernization of street lights in Ruda Śląska – Stage I & II

The subject of the project was modernization of street lighting system in Ruda Śląska, based on the application of energy-saving LED lights, in the following locations: Lwa Tołstoja, Kościelna, Żelazna, Konstytucji, Ustronna streets (Stage I) and Piotra Niedurnego, Weteranów, gen. Hallera, Obrońców Westerplatte streets (Stage II). In accordance with the binding standards, modernization of the existing over 150 sodium lamps and purchase of new poles and lighting points in the area of selected streets in Ruda Śląska, creating through this the network of modern lighting points in LED technology. Through the assembly of energy effective street lights not only will the energy-efficiency of the public sector be increased and the demand for energy within the area of the city of Ruda Śląska, but also safety of the vehicle and pedestrian traffic will be reinforced.

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